Thursday, January 14, 2010

Myths about our Freedom

Here are some myths about our freedom:

-We have a free economy. In reality our economy is directed from Washington. Starting with The Great Society, bank loans were shifted from manufacturing to housing and areas such as the dot-com (.com) bubble of the 1990s. It is bank loans that lead most capital development. By controlling bank loans and debt bundling (Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac) through government insurance programs, easy capital for manufacturing disappeared in the 1960s.

-We have freedom of speech. Political campaign laws have made a joke of the words: Congress shall make no law . . ." Free political speech on college campuses is non-existent.

-We enjoy limited government. The government is everything. The 10th Amendment has been totally, in your face, violated.

-We are a Republic. Congress represents us. Our representatives are citizens like us. In reality, They are our masters.

-Our representatives uphold the Constitution. For many, this is last on their list of Things to do today. “Have a root canal” is higher up the list.

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