Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hatred and Envy of Henry Ford

The closed (Great) society crowd both despises and envies Henry Ford. He did more to change the world in which we live than any of his critics – even if all their posturing, gibberish, and phony knowledge were useful, which they sure as hell aren’t. This crowd can’t stand that he didn’t have their stamp of approval. The most revered person in their ranks, be he (or she) a politician, an educator, or a philosopher, does not come close to the effect that a lone individual, Henry Ford, had on this planet. I think Ford’s influence was highly beneficial, but in the eyes of anyone on the left:

“Henry Ford should have never been allowed to create all those automobiles. All he did was cause others to imitate him, thereby creating more automobiles. And worse yet: All those nasty steel, rubber, chemical, petroleum companies sprang up to supply the auto industry and to supply auto users. Why this whole business of the automobile and related industries should have been properly planned.

“Who would the planners be?” you ask. * “Why those of us who are politically correct, of course. By careful planning, auto development would have relied more on public transportation. We would have used solar power instead of gasoline. We might have even used hydrogen to power the cars. People sensitive to the needs of our only planet, earth, would have been included in the planning, and the chaos and uncertainty that exists today would have been avoided.”
(*The French Revolution overflowed with “planners.” The whole concept is bogus. If any of us could predict the future, that person would be kept alive to the age of 150, with his (or her) every whim satisfied. A modern experiment in planning is detailed in the description of a 60s/70s commune published as: A Walden Two Experiment. (Also broadcast as a PBS documentary.)

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